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5 Fun Ways To Bring Out Your Creativity

Believe it or not, creativity is something we all possess. It's something we're born with and something we carry with us our entire lives. We can choose to ignore it or help it flourish.
 Here are 5 ways to encourage your inner artist.
  • Journal

I've learned a few things in my 33 years and one of them is to never underestimate the power of journaling.

My favorite way to do it is to sit down and just start writing anything and everything that comes to your mind. It's a great way to get your creative juices flowing. 

  • Embrace the abstract
Grab any art supplies you have and do whatever feels good.  Even if all you have is a pen and paper, you can doodle.

Experiment. Pretend you're 5 again and have fun. Most importantly, try not to worry about the end result. You don't have to show anyone or even keep it if you don't want.

  • Let nature be your inspiration 
There really is beauty everywhere. Even things normally deemed unsightly, like a field of overgrown weeds, can be a piece of art from the right angle.

Use your phone to take a few pictures of something that catches your eye. Sunsets and wildflowers are two of my favorites.

  • Edit your pictures
Now that you have some cool pictures of nature, make them even more artistic.

There are tons of free photo editing apps available, so download one and have fun making your own pictures unique.

  • Make a dream board
What's more creative than designing your dream life?

All you need is something semi - sturdy like construction paper or cardboard (you can use leftover boxes or packaging from something else), glue/tape, and pictures of your choice (magazine cutouts, computer printouts, or hand drawings by you!).

Glue your chosen pictures onto your board and voilĂ ! A piece of art for your home or office.

We're all capable of being creators in any way we choose, whether it's through writing, painting, cooking, gardening or using our thoughts to create our reality.

I hope this list helps to awaken the creator within you.


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