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Simple Ways To Feel Happier Now

We all have our ups and downs in life. Some days are amazing, some are not so amazing and some are a messy combination of the two. Sometimes I wake up with the motivation to do anything. Other times I have to really force myself to be productive when all I wanna do is watch YouTube videos in my pajamas. I've learned though, that just like most things in life, it's really about balance. So go ahead and watch the YouTube videos. But maybe you watch something inspiring enough to make you get out of your pajamas and do something else for a while. Which brings me to my first tip on how to be happier right now 🤗: Pay attention to what you watch/read/listen to. Sometimes it feels good to watch other people who are going through similar struggles, or listen to sad songs when you're feeling blue. But, when you're ready to get back to that happy state of mind, choose something uplifting. Watch an inspiring documentary, listen to music that motivates, read something info

7 Ways To Practice Self Love ♡

One of the absolute greatest joys in life is the feeling we get from giving freely to others. It can be intoxicating. However, if you tend to feel more resentment than joy at times, it could be a sign that you need to start showing yourself  a little more love. If we are mindful of finding ways to make sure our own needs are met on every level, we are so much more capable of giving to those around us. And that's where the joy happens. Before we get into the list I want to say one thing: self love isn't giving yourself a free pass to indulge in anything and everything you enjoy.  Oftentimes, the things you feel like doing the least are the things that make you feel like your best self.  1. Create a list of 3 positive affirmations that feel good to you. This is a simple but powerful way to practice loving yourself. Find affirmations that just feel good to say out loud, memorize them and repeat them. And lastly, don't give up. It might take some time to st

5 Fun Ways To Bring Out Your Creativity

Believe it or not, creativity is something we all possess. It's something we're born with and something we carry with us our entire lives. We can choose to ignore it or help it flourish.  Here are 5 ways to encourage your inner artist. Journal I've learned a few things in my 33 years and one of them is to never underestimate the power of journaling. My favorite way to do it is to sit down and just start writing anything and everything that comes to your mind. It's a great way to get your creative juices flowing.  Embrace the abstract Grab any art supplies you have and do whatever feels good.  Even if all you have is a pen and paper, you can doodle. Experiment. Pretend you're 5 again and have fun. Most importantly, try not to worry about the end result. You don't have to show anyone or even keep it if you don't want. Let nature be your inspiration  There really is beauty everywhere. Even things normally deemed uns